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Attorneys who specialize in representing those who have been seriously injured primarily handle these types of cases on a contingent fee basis. This type of fee arrangement provides…


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The hope and expectation is that you will have a long, safe, enjoyable and prosperous life and working career. Unfortunately, experience has shown that the moment you are seriously injured due to the negligent act of…


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Over the past seventeen years, Jeffrey Chod has achieved numerous favorable results on behalf of his clients throughout the country. While past results do not guarantee similar outcomes in future cases…

Chod Law, LLC is a law firm dedicated to helping individuals who have been the victims of personal injury through the negligent acts of others.  Our mission is to vigorously defend the rights of every client, provide guidance through the complex world of litigation, and obtain the maximum possible recovery for all harms and losses sustained.  This mission is accomplished through a commitment to hard work, regular client communication, attention to detail, and a dedication to assisting those needing help the most.

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